writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Hei there. Yes, I’ve been here before, when I enrolled for blogging 101 last year. Well, friends you’ve been asking why I’m here again this year. To tell you the truth, I was quite busy with my training schedule. As a result I was unable to complete the previous assignments. Hopefully, I’ll make it this time.

Well, my name is Kalidas and my father’s name is Subramaniam. Both add up it sounds like “Kalidas Subramaniam”. Sounds pretty good, eh.  I’m a Malaysian citizen of Indian origin.  Yes, my friends. I am 3rd or 4th generation of Indians from Tamil Nadu, South India, brought  to then Malaya, as indentured labourers, by the British to toil in their rubber plantations. Thanks for the British for bringing my ancestors to Malaya, then.

I was born and brought up in a small town called Changloon, in the Northern part of Malaysia. I grew up in the rubber estates during childhood days. The quarters provided by the British employers were surrounded by rubber trees, neatly planted in rows. Those rubber trees provided excellent habitats for all types of birds.

The language spoken is Tamil. That’s my mother tongue. Later on, I was sent to an English school where I picked up English and the Malay Language.

Yes, why am I here? I mean, at the wordpress. I spent most of my time on reading. I used to read widely from politics to philosophy and religion. But, now I feel that it is time for writing. Practically, I’ve not written anything seriously. By using this wordpress.com, I belief I can expand my writing skill to a better level and of course, with the help co-bloggers. Besides, blogging in wordpress.com is cheaper and more convenient besides getting excellent guidance from the team.

With that, I hope I will publish a book out of it one day.