I have been receiving chain letters from friends and strangers foralong time, even before the advent of computers and particularly internet. May be it gives some form of thrill to the sender. The subject matter relates to the religion and particularly it is very common and popular among Hindus. The main reason for this is ignorant. They are ignorant about their own religion. If they know about their religion they would indulge in more meaningful spiritual activities than chain letters.

One chain letter goes like this, ‘Om Namo Sirdi Sai Babaya Namaha.If you send this to 10 people , you will receive an unexpected gift from someone very close to you. You will receive good luck if you send this within 24 hours. Do not take this lightly’.

Our friend who receives this mail will crack his head to find 10 friends. If he cannot find and unable to send this message within the prescribed time, he might live in fear until he settle this. In most cases, the receiver of such chain letter usually fails to check the authenticity of its contents or the truth therein.

There is nothing wrong with the message.